Øveraasen ... the snow professionals
The Snow Professionals

Snow Removal Equipment from Øveraasen - Norwegian "Snow How"


Øveraasen has an 80-year-long tradition of building snowplows, and we offer a wide array of snowplows, including V-plows, diagonal plows and more specialised plows for airports.

In addition, we offer the unique Duo-lift lifting device for snowplows and equipment every conceivable snowclearing task.


Øveraasen can offer snowblowers & equipment with capacities of up to 12.000 tonnes/hour.

For use at airports where demands for speed and capacity are great, we have developed high-speed, high-capacity units, including the world's largest wheeled snowblower with an engine power of more than 2.500 hp.

Airport Snow Removal

Our airport snow removal equipment is based on extensive experience and expertise, and can be used to tackle virtually any types of snow

Our unique modular airport snow removal system provides the basis for all airport snow removal equipment

"Norwegian Snow-How".