Oslo Airport Gardermoen takes delivery of the world's largest snow blower

Published: 18.5.2009

Oslo Airport has recently taken delivery of the world’s largest snow blower. The machine has been manufactured by the Norwegian company Øveraasen AS. The unique snow blower, which has been given the model description TV 2000, has an installed power capacity of more than 2000 HP.

The machine is based on the positive experiences from the previous TV 1260/1360, but differs form the previous model by having a separate MTU diesel engine OM 502 LA for the vehicle. This engine has a power capacity of 650 HP.

The blower head in front is driven by a V-16 S2000 MTU diesel engine. This engine has a power capacity of 1360 HP. The huge installed power gives the TV 2000 a maximum snow clearing capacity of 10.000-12.000 tons/hour at a casting distance of 35-45 metres.

The chassis itself is driven differential look.
hydrostatically by the help of variable Sauer Sundstrand pumps and motors. As a central transfer case Øveraasen is using the well proven Oshkosh 2-stage gearbox with
The main transmission to the blower head is a mechanical drive line with pump gears and reduction gears of Øveraasen’s own design. These gearboxes are even designed for a larger power capacity than the installed 1360 HP.

The unique sidewalls of the engine room are folded down hydraulically and give the maintenance people excellent access to the machine using the fold up/fold down platforms.

The rear grill folds down and creates a safe stairway to the platforms.

The maximum working speed of the TV 2000 is 60 km/hour. This speed is important and necessary to keep up with the high speed runway snow sweepers.

Later on this autumn Zürich Airport will take delivery of an identical snow blower. Øveraasen AS has options for additional units for 2009 and 2010.


Main technical data:

Type : TV 2000
Chassis engine : MTU OM 502 LA 650 HP
Blower engine : MTU S2000 Series 1360 HP
Clearing width : 3 400 mm
Clearing height : 2 200 mm
Auger diameter : 1 400 mm
Impeller diameter : 2 100 mm
Weight : 37 000 kg
Max working speed : 60 km/h
Capacity : 10 000-12 000 tons/h
Hydraulics : Sauer Sundstrand
Gearbox chassis : Oshkosh
Axles : Kessler
Main transmission : Øveraasen

See pictures of the TV 2000