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Best in the world on snowclearing on airports

Airport Equipment

Øveraasen's snowclearing products for airports have contributed greatly to the company's leading position worldwide. Equipment is developed in close co-operation with professional users who set strict requirements for capacity, clearing speed and end results.

The product range consists of runway sweepers, unit snow blowers, element ploughs and self-propelled snow blowers.

The runway sweepers are the most important product group in Øveraasen current product range, and will undoubtedly be a priority in the future. The group consists of normal size runway sweepers, XXL size runway sweepers and compact runway sweepers.

Our commitment to design and development has made it possible for our customers to clear a 3500 meter runway in less than 10 minutes. Mechanical removal with brushes and a powerful fan reduces the need for expensive and environmentally damaging chemicals.

Øveraasen self-propelled snow blowers are in a class by itself: with its two stage blower aggregate they are specially designed for use at airports, which require large snow removal capacity and long casting distances at high speeds. To keep up with the snow clearing convey, it is important that the snow blowers are able to keep the same work speed to do the job on time. Øveraasen offers the world's biggest self-propelled snowblower,Øveraasen TV 2200, and the brand new TV 1000 Performance Line with "Flying Cab".

Øveraasen unit snow blowers for airports are designed to handle all types of snow, even wet, hard-packed or icy snow. In combination with wheel loader they are very effective for normal plowing, clearing snowdrifts and uploading of snow on trucks. They are extremely efficient and flexible, as they quickly can be connect to any commercial wheel loader and replaced with other important equipment.

The development of the latest generation of snow removal equipment to airports, Performance Line, forces Øveraasen leading position in a very tough market. Performance Line consists of runway sweepers and the latest self-propelled snow blowers TV 1000.

Øveraasen runway sweepers Performance Line is a further development of runway sweepers which for many years has been the leading runway sweepers on the market.

In 2014 Øveraasen received the Honours Award for Performance Line. It is innovation from the inside out. Performance Line is in accordance with the new environmental requirements that are fitted with the new EU Stage IV engines.Other major components have been redesigned, including hydraulic and electrical systems as well as all the machines have got the new futuristic cowling made of composite.

  • Runway sweepersRunway sweepers:

    RS 200

    The "little one“ among the larger models of runway sweepers and is thus a part of the Øveraasen RS series.

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    RS 400

    The leading runway sweeper of the Øveraasen RS series, designed for the highest performance.

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    RSC 250

    The compact runway sweeper and the most flexible runway sweeper for use at airports.

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    RSC 400

    RSC 400 is the largest compact runway sweeper among the Øveraasen compact runway sweepers.

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    EP 6/EP 9 Ploughs

    The element ploughs are designed for snow removal at airports in combination with Øveraasen runway sweepers.

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  • Self-propelled Snow BlowersSelf-propelled Snow Blowers:

    TV 1000

    A medium size self-propelled snow blower with high capacity and it is included in the new Performance Line series.

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    TV 1520/TV 2200

    Self-propelled snow blowers for airports where high demands when it comes to clearing capacity and long throw distances are important.

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  • Attachment Snow BlowersAttachment Snow Blowers:

    UTV 300

    Is designed for snowclearing on roads and airport in the hardest weather and snow conditions.

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    UTV 430

    Is designed for snowclearing on roads and airports in the hardest weather and snow conditions.

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    UTV 600

    Is designed for snowclearing on roads and airports in the hardest weather and snow conditions.

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