TV 1000 PL i arbeid forfra

The world's first "FLYING CAB" 

Key benefits

  • "Flying Cab" 
  • Speed up to 62 km/h
  • Vibration free, even in high speed
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Easy access to engines and maintenance points

TV 1000 Performance Line

TV 1000 Performance Line is a high speed self-propelled snow blower developed especially for professional snow clearing operations at airports. The snow blower has been designed for heavy duty snow clearance at airports and can handle any type of snow with depths form 1 cm up to 2 meters, - in one go!

The snow blower is mounted to a purpose built chassis and the machine is equipped with the unique "Flying cab" which allows the driver to be placed in front or back of the blower chute to ensure optimal view during work- weather loading, clearing or casting.

The TV 1000 is a typical high speed blower, and driver comfort is assured thanks to the hydraulic chassis suspension and the fact that the driver's cab is not mounted to the blower head. In this way the cabin is less exposed to shaking and vibraons from the blower head.

TV 1000 has two diesel engines totaling 1000 hp, which ensures power for both propulsion capacity and snow removal capacity during work. TV 1000 has a capacity of more than 6 000 tons of snow per hour at a casting distance of 35 meters.

TV 1000 is included in the new design line Performance Line. The engine cover has been given a completely new design, with plenty of space in the engine compartment and engine access and other service points are remarkable good.

TV 1000 Performance Line 

For Performance Line

Flying cab

TV 1000 Performance Line with "Flying Cab"

TV 1000 Performance line - Flying Cab

TV 1000 Performance Line in action

Technical data

Width 3 510 mm
Height 4 450 mm
Length 10 700  mm
Weight 32 200 kg
Transport speed (max.) 62 km/h
Working speed 10–50 km/h
Capasity 6 000 tons/h
Max casting distance 40–50 m
Driving engine TAD 764 VE, 225 kW, 6 syl
Blower engine TAD 1643 VE, 565 kW, 6 syl
Electrical system 24 V
Batteries 2x12V Batteries, 220 Ah
Hydraulic tank 120 l
Diesel tank 1 500 l