Spring is coming to Antarctica

With new heat records in our part of the world, it`s hard to believe that there`s still plenty of snow and ice other places on the planet, but that`s the case at the base operated by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) in the Antarctic.

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The response was good on exhibition in May

From 2nd to 6th of May, Øveraasen was represented on the Fair "Vei og Anlegg" (Road and Construction). The Øveraasen stand on the fair had many visitors and are satisfied with the accomplishment of the "Vei og Anlegg" fair 2018.

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IGA takes delivery of first lot

During a detailed factory inspection test the new large airport in Istanbul (IGA) approved the first lot of machines to be delivered to Turkey. IGA or Istanbul Greater Airport, which is the full name, will open this autumn with a capacity of approx. 90+ million passengers and will within just a very few years be extended to handle 130 million passengers a year. This will make the airport to the biggest airport in the world.

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YETI Demonstration of driverless Snow Sweepers

A successful demonstration of the first driverless snow sweepers in Norway!

Fagernes Airport was the arena for the first showing of Norway’s first snow sweepers without a driver. Luckily, there was more than enough snow!

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The best Inter Airport Exhibition ever!

During the week of October 9th to 13th, Øveraasen successfully participated at the inter Airport exhibition in Munich. The weather was excellent, which gave the visitors the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the open air area of the exhibition. The Øveraasen staff at the stand were able to welcome almost twice as many visitors from all over the world compared to the exhibition two years ago.

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Øveraasen at Inter Airport 2017

The Inter Airport exhibition in Münich came to an end last week. The sophisticated and advanced machines from Øveraasen met great interest to the visitors (especially some...).

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The winter would not let go

The winter would not let go, and Monday the 24th of April a heavy snowfall hit the eastern part of Norway. Oslo Airport had again to send in their snow clearing crew.

Watch the video of snow clearing at Oslo Airport.

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RS 200 Performance Line to the Norwegian Army

The Norwegian Army recently took delivery of a new RS 200 Performance Line. The runway sweeper will be operating on an airfield at Rena military base, in an area with lots of snow and challenging weather conditions during the winter. This is one out of several runway sweepers purchased by the Norwegian Defence Material Agency.

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Vive la France!!
Last year Øveraasen signed a contract for the supply of compact snow sweepers with Aeroport de Paris. Deliveries will start this year and the first unit has now been inspected and approved for delivery. 
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The new "green" UTV 430 Performance Line

Øveraasen is about to deliver the first UTV 430 Performance Line attachment snow blower. The new snow blower is easily recognized by the typical Futuristic Design of the Performance line products.

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Our Finance Manager Oddvin retires

Øveraasen's Finance Manager through many years, Oddvin Wedøe, had his last working day on Øveraasen AS on friday 30th of September. 

There was a farewell lunch with all the employees, where he was honoured with speaches, flowers and presents. We will all miss him, and wishes him all the best as a senior citicen / retiree.

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Fleet Cloud - In Vehicle Monitoring System
Øveraasen has developed a system for monitoring the machines in your fleet in real time.
The system has been tested for a year and is now launched for our customers on RS 200/400, RSC 250 and TV 1000. Increased safety, efficiency and quality are the benefits. 
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Aeroport de Paris takes delivery of TV 1000+

Øveraaen signed a few months ago a contract with the airport in Paris for the delivery of 3 pcs TV 1000+ snow blowers.
The expectations were high when the representatives from Paris Orly this week made the factory acceptance test of the first unit at Øveraasen`s plant in Gjøvik. 

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Status from Øveraasen

After the dramatic fire in our paint department i August last year we are now finally back to normal production.

At the same time the company has hired a new production manager and reorganized the production department.

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TV 1000 «Flying Cab»

A lot has happened since TV 1000 was launched for nearly 2 years ago and is the the largest snow blower in the Performance Line range. 

TV 1000 is a giant and futuristic snow blower that has taken the market with storm.

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Honours Award for Design Excellence

ØVERAASEN won the Honours Award for Design Excellence together with Eker Design for ØVERAASEN Performance Line!

Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland presented the Honours Award for Design Excellence to Øveraasen and Eker Design on Design Day 2014.

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Performance Line

Øveraasen is launching the next generation of high performance snow removal equipment - Performance Line!

New futuristic design and technology!

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Black without Salt

From 2014 Øveraasen is intensifying the focus on snow removal equipment for the road.

This is done through the launching of several new products, enhanced sales organization and modernization of the existing product range.

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